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won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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to this day i still don’t know what DS stands for

dual screen

youve ruined everything

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i show my affection to my friends by gently bullying them

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"Heroin isn’t dangerous because you might get an infection. Heroin is dangerous because at best you’re not just at Death’s door — you’re in Death’s living room having a Mario Kart tournament at 2 a.m. and hoping he doesn’t wake up, but you’re not paying very close attention to the volume, because you’re high on heroin."


this gives me life and inspires me to step up my lipstick game


From the film World’s Greatest Dad. RIP Robin Williams.

last night at work I was telling my boss that its creepy and scary in the back of the restaurant when the kitchen staff leaves because its so dark back there and she started telling me that I have nothing to be afraid of and she went on to tell me about how when she came to America in 1999 for 2 years she was lost and confused and struggling and when she finally got on her feet she got nose cancer and throughout the whole treatment she just kept telling herself that she has to be strong and she cant be afraid of anything anymore. she was 23 then and 2 years after that her husband/father of her daughter passed away and she had to be strong for her daughter and herself and she was just telling me how shes not afraid of anything anymore and she doesnt care about small petty little things and I just thought that was so like inspiring and touching because shes been through so much and shes so strong I just